30. Mar 2023

That was EuroSHOP 2023!

The world’s leading retail trade show! We look back on exciting discussions about how important new solutions are for stationary retail. Modern & comfortable shopping concepts are the focus of customer interest.

Challenges retailers face every day include:

  • Growing and constantly changing customer needs
  • Regular opening hours and stationary product availability as a counterpart to e-commerce
  • Space availability vs. space sealing
  • Acute staff shortage

Digitalization and automation are the answer to these new requirements. “Smart” stores are becoming a necessity and robotics-supported warehouses are making “quick commerce” possible.

Prof. Dr. Stephan Rüschen, Marcus Winter from the Würth Group, Maximilian Grönemeyer from the CAMPO Group, Stefan Huemer from the Wanzl Group, Matthias Erwin Kurz and many more of our experts took visitors into the world of smart stores 24/7 and provided insights in robotics in stationary retail.